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Ranga Pens Bamboo Blue White Premium Ebonite

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Ranga Pen Company was founded by M.S.Pandurangan at  Thiruvallur a small town near the city of Chennai, India in  1970 .
M.S.Pandurangan possess god's gift of pen making craft .He learnt the art of pen making pens at the age of  14 through his unparalleled passion for making pens.

 Initially he made the pens using a foot lathe & then switched to completely handmade pens using a Japanese pen making technique.
The 65 year old is assited by his entire family in making these extraordinary pens. 
Each Ranga Pen is made the same love & care that M.S.Pandurangan would put in over 50 years ago when he first started making pens. 


Ranga Bamboo




Ranga Pen Company

Pen Colour Blue Pattern

Size - Length

15 cm / 6 inches

Size - Posted


Size - Dia

15 mm / 0.6 inches


Premium Ebonite 


Bock #6 Medium