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Platinum Century 3776 Chartres Blue Fountain Pen

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Under the name of "#3776 CENTURY" : 3776 - this is height of Mt.Fuji. The heart of "#3776" is to pursue the highest quality of Japanese fountain pen. This pen features rhodium-plated trim and a stunning transparent blue body inspired by the stained glass windows of the Chartres Cathedral in Paris

Fascinating brilliance and magical transparency : But by the angle illuminated by shine, this blue becomes a little transparent. Excellent. Brilliance and Transparency - highest grade ! And karat... can't find this size. And there is another brilliance.

The calm shine of Rhodium : The nib, clip and head is coated by rhodium. It is very hard. And brilliant like Platinum is very beautiful. Perfect combination.

Nib : The moderate hardness can endure hard work. And moderate softness tell characteristic repulsion. Good balance. Large nib is good looks also. but the most special feature is "Slip and Seal" mechanism. "Slip and Seal" mechanism

Rhodium Trim fountain pen comes attractively packaged in a presentation case and includes converter and a starter ink cartridge. This pen offers superb finish and style at a highly affordable price.