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Diplomat Aero Volute Fountain Pen Limited Edition

Rs. 24500 Rs. 24500 ( % Off )
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Limited Edition with only 1000 units across all styles & pen types.

Completely covered by the volute decoration this pen is the first one in the High end pen industry using the new technology of water transfer printing, making of it a real masterpiece.

The choice of the decoration enhances the quality and precision of the imprinting, with precise details, respect of the various shades of colours between black and an white, for an eye catching and surprising design.

All Volutes are delivered with certificate of authenticity numbered in the box with the pen.
  • full aluminium casing
  • anodized surfaces
  • fountain pen with finely chiselled and polished stainless steel nib
  • groove-like depressions on barrel and cap
  • exclusive closing system « Soft sliding click »
  • Stainless Steel Nib

Available nib options: EF, F, M & B